Walking the Tightrope

The character NINA in Running: AMOK is a visual artist- turn- clothes designer

One of Running:AMOK’s main characters is Nina Fox, a young, successful designer who was interrupted by motherhood while at the height of her career. “Having babies is the first move to watching your dreams crash and burn before your eyes,” she tells her cousin Lyn after she learns of her pregnancy.

“Nina is the person that most woman dream of themselves becoming, but for all of her material success, Nina is miserable,” says Khadijah Ali-Coleman who wrote Running: AMOK. “A visual artist who found success as a clothes designer, Nina has lived within her role as an artist for so long that a change to her routine throws her for the biggest loop she has ever experienced. If there were a metaphor to describe her personal conflict, it would definitely be the idea of the tightrope.”

Singer Teisha Marie will play Nina Fox when Running: AMOK debuts this summer in The Capital Fringe Fest in Washington DC which is celerating its 5th Anniversary. Teisha is a multi-instrumentalist and arts advocate excited about her upcoming role as Nina. She particularly is happy that the play is a musical and discusses a topic that talks about children.  “Children and music are close to my heart, so I am honored to be in a play that involves both,” Teisha shares. ” Acting is just an extension of who I am as an artist. I want to elevate people’s lives however I can.”
You can visit her website at www.teishamarie.com

Stay tuned for the date and venue where Running: AMOK will open in the 2010 Capital Fringe Fest.

Download for free the song “Tightrope” by singer Janelle Monae, from her upcoming CD ArchAndroid, set for release on May 18.


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