Thursday, June 24 is Teaser for Running: AMOK

As we anxiously await the dates and venue location for our upcoming production of Running: AMOK in the Capital Fringe Fest, we can excitedly announce upcoming dates that we have for teasers for the show– selected readings and performances by the starring actresses (most of who are successful singers). Here is one of the scheduled dates so far:

Thursday, June 24 at Annie’s Art Gallery in Camp Springs, MD 20748 @ 7:30pm. Tickets $5 with a free raffle ticket to win free tickets to the Capital Fringe Fest show in July. Come out and enjoy live music, meet the cast and engage in a lively talk back with the cast.  Email for more information.

UPDATE: We are giving a limited number of tickets to the teaser show away for FREE. To receive a complimentary pass, email Limit One.


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