Win Tickets to See Running: AMOK July 20-July 25

Cast of "Running: AMOK"

We are offering the chance to win a pair of tickets to the Running: AMOK showing of your choice. Email to us  a narrative– either in poem or essay form– of your most life-changing experience and you become eligible to win. A winning entry is chosen every week leading up to the show’s start times. Email your submission to

This week’s winner is Demetra Washington. Here’s her story:

I’ve had so many life changing moments in my life when I married a man that still had a girlfriend.  When my children were born.  When my husband was on drugs and I had to fight to save my family and husband.  When my children were grown up and left home is when my life took a turn.  I had no ideal what to do. I had questions that I needed to answer.  I was a mess.  We were not getting along and I cried because I did not know who I was anymore with no more battles to fight no more children to take care of I forgot how to be me.  I had made up my mind I was going to leave him and do what?  You see a mess.  My daughter came over.  I was sitting in my big chair crying and having a fit.  My daughter said mom you said you wanted to dread your hair.  I said I still do.  She said lets do it.    She said you need a change so lets start there so we went into the bathroom and I cut all my perm ends off and we both got started on my head.  I did the front and she did the back.  After that I felt free.  I changed my attitude and the way I dressed.  I remembered I use to write poetry and draw a little.  I like taking picutures and love art and all of these things just started to fit back into my life again.  I pretty much sat the man down and let him know I don’t care what you say or how you feel about my change.  It was a battle for sure.  But I started to speak out and do Charity work.  I found new friends mostly male which is something else we had to work on but he’s coming around.  Now I’m recording and writing a poetry book.  It’s been a long process because of everything else that’s keeping me busy but the point is I’m here I’m back and I’m loving the skin I’m in.


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