Meet the Characters

Meet Leshell. An exuberant young singing sensation, she is at the pinnacle of her success as a singer, headlining at Frank’s Place, a popular club in her town and working on her debut CD. With offers in her pocket to make it big, she is not worried in the least when she gets the news that will change her life forever. In fact, she embraces it. But, all things change.

Meet Nina. Nina is the hottest young personal stylist/designer to the stars, yet she is a constant bag of nerves and walking contradiction. Critical yet artistic. Worldly yet cautious. Cynical and driven. When she gets news that throws a wrench in her neatly planned life plan, she not only freaks, but considers running away. Far away. Unwilling to bend to the new demand that has taken over her life, she teeters on the edge.

Meet Lyn. Nina’s older cousin Lyn knows Nina’s secret.  Confident and blunt, Lyn is Nina’s uber-professional agent/manager who is conflicted with wanting her cousin to follow her heart, yet knows that Nina’s choice may impact her cousin’s professional momentum. With her own tales to tell, Lyn knows that Nina’s strict routine is bound to change, and only wants what’s best for her cousin, ultimately.

Meet Camille. An author with irons in many fires, Camille is a literary rising star. Sarcastic and witty, Camille is the woman that every man adores and every woman wants to be. But, Camille’s facade threatens to break when she takes on a role in which she has absolutely no clue in how to operate. Not one to “chat” with others, her breakthrough surfaces in more ways than one.

Meet Bonita (“Benny”). Camille’s hippie-turned-hipster baby boomer-mom has had it with her provocative and mouthy daughter who shares news that excites her yet scares her beyond reason. Her own “free love” history bears no relation to what she imagines her daughter to engage in on a daily basis.

Meet Mama Belle. Feisty, amusingly frank and bawdy without apology, Mama Belle is not your average grandma. She has a thing or two to share and advises you to clutch your pearls in advance if the thought of a sexy, cussing elderly woman gives you a scare.


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