The DC Black Theatre Festival Co-Presents “Running: AMOK”

The DC Black Theatre Festival co-presents the musical stage play Running: AMOK’s Spring season which runs May 15-21, with a Spring preview on Saturday, March 26 at 2pm. The 2011 DC Black Theatre Festival kicks off June 12-19 in Washington, DC.


PRLog (Press Release)Mar 18, 2011 – The DC Black Theatre Festival announces today that they will co-present with Liberated Muse Productions the Spring season of the musical stage play “Running: AMOK”, written by playwright Khadijah Ali-Coleman.  The play debuted in the 2010 Capital Fringe Fest and released a soundtrack featuring singers Dionne, Teisha Marie and Angela “Anonamas” Ballard who also starred in the play’s first run. 

“The DC Black Theatre Festival is a groundbreaking new forum of expression for artists of color in the Washington DC area,” said Khadijah Ali-Coleman, co-founder of Liberated Muse Productions and the producing director of Running: AMOK. “Having this important festival  partner with us to present ‘Running: AMOK’ in the Spring is a bold and wonderful statement of support.”

“Running: AMOK”, a story that showcases the struggles and triumph of three women confronting their struggles with balancing their responsibilities as creatives and new mothers was written by Ali-Coleman in 2009 during her work with the theatre company The Saartjie Project.

“As a woman who became a mother after doing all of the ‘right’ things– education, career, etc.– I assumed that motherhood would be easier than if I was younger and less experienced. Boy, was I confronted with a tough reality,” she laughs.

“Running: AMOK” laces music through important dialogue that addresses such important issues as work/life balance, the importance of friendship and the need for support and community.

Featuring returning cast members Quineice and Lyn Artope, who the DCist calls “a pleasant surprise”, new additions to the cast include vocalists Colie Williams, Nia Simmons and Deja Belle along with seasoned actress Rayona L. Young. Young, who has won accolades for her past work as an actress and director of productions like The Vagina Monologues and Ain’t Misbehavin’ will also serve as the Assistant Director of the production.

Running: AMOK at the Bonifant Theatre

Running: AMOK will kick off the Spring season with a free preview show on Saturday, March 26 at 2pm at the Oxon Hill Public Library in Oxon Hill, MD in celebration of SWAN Day, a commemorative day celebrating women in the arts. The play’s musical score, composed by Gary Young, will then be featured in May in a cabaret setting in Baltimore, MD at Germano’s Traittoria. Patrons will enjoy an intimate performance featuring excerpted dialogue from the play and performances of the play’s stellar soundtrack which the DC Theater Scene called a collection of songs that are “slow-burning little gems.”

The play will then run for three days at the Bonifant Theatre in Silver Spring, MD from May 19-21. The Bonifant Theatre’s resident theatre company, the InnerCircle Repertory Theatre, will co-produce the show.

The DC Black Theatre Festival kicks off on June 12-19.

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Liberated Muse Productions 

Liberated Muse Productions (LMP) is an arts-based organization based in the Washington DC metropolitan area. LMP was created in 2008 by writers and community activists Maceo Thomas and Khadijah “Moon” Ali-Coleman. The intent was to create events promoting artistry and awareness of issues pivotal to urban communities. LMP has become a network of dedicated artists and patrons of the arts. The Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest is an LMP landmark event.

Join us on Facebook or Twitter @LiberatedMuse

The DC Black Theatre Festival

The DC Black Theatre Festival (DCBTF) is an eight-day event showcasing plays, readings, workshops and general performances that represent the work of African-American artists from the Washington DC area and beyond. Founded by celebrated playwright and actor Glenn Alan, the DC Black Theatre Festival debuted in 2010, amassing national and international acclaim. Visit for more information.


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