Party With the Cast of Running: AMOK

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Meet The Cast @ JoJo’s

Come and have drinks with the cast of Running: AMOK and enjoy live performances by Deja Belle, Quineice, Colie Williams, Nia Simmons and Rayona Young at Jojo’s on 15th & U street in Washington DC on Wednesday, May 4 @ 8pm. Food sold.

Read the Latest Article by DC Urban Arts Examiner, Tiffany Beard: MEET LYN ARTOPE

Tiffany Beard– How did you start working with Liberated Muse and Khadijah Ali-Coleman?

Lyn Artope– Khadijah went to school with my husband, and later they worked together at Morgan State University. This was when Khadijah and I were introduced. I always loved her energy and spirit. When she sent out an all call for the play, I was excited at the chance to support her art as well as explore my talents. Running: AMOK is my first acting endeavor.

T– Wow! That is a great connection! Is that how you got into her musical play Running: AMOK?

LA– Unfortunately, I cannot sing and because I love the art I have denied the audience the privilege of discovering this fact for themselves. However, I must say that I have truly enjoyed working with my cast mates who have such phenomenal voices and range.

As for the acting bug, I never considered myself to be an artistic person. I was a Psychology major and I worked in the mental health field before obtaining my Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

T– It’s a good thing you went to Khadijah’s auditions! It must be a definite break from the norm for you.

LA– When Khadijah initially opened up auditions for the play, I was simply intrigued by it and I wanted an opportunity to explore a different side of myself. I loved the play, the subject matter, just acting in general. I was hooked and to make it better, I found I was actually good at it.

T– That is an amazing thing to discover about yourself. Are you going to keep going in this artistic self discovery?

LA– I always thought I lacked artistic capability. It turned out that I just hadn’t discovered my gift yet. I am very thankful to Khadijah and Running: AMOK, because it’s not everyday we get to learn something new about ourselves.


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