This Week’s Winner Receives Free Passes to Running: AMOK

Once again this week, we are offering the chance to win a pair of tickets to the Running: AMOK showing of your choice. Email to us  a narrative– either in poem or essay form– of your most life-changing experience and you become eligible to win. A winning entry is chosen every week leading up to the show’s start times. Email your submission to

This week’s winner is Tyrone Chisolm:

My life changing- moment occurred when my little brother passed away. I knew at that point in time that I had to get my life on track. I was not really doing anything that was productive with my life; I was a street runner and that’s how it had been for years. His death woke me up to be more aware of the people I am around and not to trust people that have other motives. While his death was a tremendous loss for me it did make me want to get myself together. Though I did not want it to be on the grounds of him passing away, my changes started with slowing down a lot of things i wanted to do. I have gotten on the right track and I am ready to accomplish my goals and start a life off right, becoming very productive.

If you wanted to purchase your tickets instead of trying to win them, then click the link below to buy them now! Thank you for your support.

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